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This experience has taught us, amongst other things, that every person is different and we always want our Students to get a ‘high’ from our workshops, boosting their confidence and bringing out the best of every Student’s ability. We have thus developed a method of flexible structure, which allows us to do just that.


We firmly believe that Street-Fusion Jazz Dance is for everyone and although our workshops are structured, our flexible approach means that we will always find alternative moves to encourage participating Dancers who might be challenged.


The Street-Fusion Jazz Dance style is very expressive and individuality is a key factor. With that in mind, workshops can take various formats (one offs; Half Term projects; performance led) and can even incorporate a live music element. For us, individuality rules so please talk to us about tailoring your workshops to your purpose. Below is a very small snapshot of the various educational projects we

have created and taught over the past years.

In partnership with Jazz FM Radio’s educational programme teaching the history of Jazz Music and Dance and the influence of Jazz on today’s popular music culture in secondary schools throughout the UK. At each school, we start the day with a 1.5 hour long presentation featuring an educational talk interspersed with live Music and Dance. Following on from there, the young people are taught a 2 hour workshop in either Jazz Music or Jazz Dance. During the workshops, they learn either a musical score or a dance choreography, which they then perform in front of their peers, Teachers and families during an evening or afternoon concert, performing alongside the JazzCotech Dancers and the Jazz FM Quartet. JazzWorks is the largest educational programme we have been involved in so far and one which paved the way for our own educational projects over the years.


Jazzcotech have worked on many educational projects
over the years and as such, we have a wealth of teaching experience.





Teaching at Summer School workshop events for the Borough of Newham, East London.  Tailored for young people aged 8 – 14 years, our week long workshops include learning an exciting JazzCotech choreography especially commissioned for the group, as well as hearing all about the history of Jazz Music and Dance in a lively, fun but educational way through DVDs, films, slides, talks and of course Dance tuition.

Does it Swing was an educational partnership project between The Barbican Education department and Jazz at the Lincoln Centre, New York. Written and directed by Geoff Johnston, “Does it Swing” combined visual media Arts, live Music and Dance to deliver an educational project on the history of Jazz from Africa to the Swing era. JazzCotech delivered the Dance element for the project which included the creation of an educational pack, delivery of workshops and an one hour long concert, featuring interactive media and Musicians from Jazz at the Lincoln Centre, New York.
Working with The Barbican Education team, delivering workshops to all ages and abilities on their popular “Do Something Different” weekends.
These are a fabulous way for Children, Young Adults and Adults to explore a wide remit of activities in a fun and relaxed environment.
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