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Searching for our Jazzy Souls is an initiative that was put together by Perry Louis with support from TestBeds (University of of Bedfordshire), Arts Council England, Focus on Jazz, Luton Bids, Essex Cultural Diversity and Luton Music Service. The idea of the project is to bring top quality Artists / Bands to Luton at the Bear Club Luton featuring, wherever possible, a Band put together from local Musicians and Band Leader Keith Bazari, as well as a local Support Artist, MC Lee Drummond and DJ Paul Goldsmith. Additional services by way of photos and videography Jacqueline Mellor (JustJaq Photography) marketing by Sue Ayres and Evaluation by Essex Cultural Diversity. The initiative is being used as research and development project to gauge interest from audiences to visit performances in Luton, as well as encourage more Artists to perform in Luton, thus making Luton a viable and attractive centre for live music, whilst showcasing local talent and creating a hub for excellence with a view to create a sustainable annual festival in Luton.

So far in the journey we have featured:  

Vocalist Imaani with support from James Aaron

Friday 27 September 2019 

Imaani is best known as the leading female Vocalist of UK JazzFunk Supergroup Incognito, however, her solo shows are no less amazing when backed by her own band, her voice being one of the most soulful, rich and effortless the UK has to offer.  

Our support act James Aaron is from Luton and a Lead Vocalist with The Kingdom Choir, who famously sang at the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. James joined us on the very evening before the Choir embarked on a major US tour, so we were fortunate to secure his performance for us.

US Vocalist Darien Dean with support from Tremaine

Friday 29 November 2019 

Darien Dean is an American Soul and R&B Vocalist who we managed to secure as part of a tour of his 2nd album “Departures”. Darien’s duet “The Last Song” with Tiffany T’zelle topped every Soul chart in 2018 and he’s one of the most sought after Soul Artists around. He was supported by Keith Bazari & Band who, as a result of their show at the Bear Club, continued to accompany Darien for the rest of his tour. 

Our support Artist Tremaine came to us via our monthly Focus on Jazz Jam at the Bear Club, impressing us with her vocal capacity and range of Soul, Gospel and R&B.  Based in Bedford, Tremaine is a good example of nurturing local talent organically by providing a local performance platform to appear alongside a major international Artist.


International Soul Artist Omar
with support from Renae Rain

Friday 26th November 2021

Atmosfear are one of a select group of home-grown Jazz Funk bands of the early 1980s who formed the first wave of the Britfunk bands on the London music scene, which has enjoyed renewed popularity off late. Having them perform to  a sell out crowd in Luton was a major coup, with the evening still being talked about as one of the best in Luton for years. 

Our support act Enne is a local Artist whose talents know no bounds. Her energy and vocal range is incredible and she used the platform of supporting such a well-known Band to push herself firmly ‘up the ladder’. Enne is surely one to watch and will go far in the musical world.

After 20 months, the final event in the Searching for our Jazzy Souls series featured, UK and International sensation, Omar and his band with support from local singer song writer, Renae Rain. This show was originally scheduled for Friday 27th March 2020, however due to the Covid 19 pandemic it was postponed. The project partners and I are very happy that we are able to present this event as the finally to the series.


BritFunk Band Atmosfear with support from Enne

Saturday 25 January 2020

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