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JazzCotech presents

the first Shiftless Shuffle session of 2024!

Sunday 11th February 2024 

from 14:00 – 20:00pm at

229, Great Portland Street, London W1

Hosted by DJ Perry Louis with very special guest DJs Colin Parnell & Paul Murphy.

Dancefloor Jazz, heavy JazzFunk and Deep Boogie!

£12.00 plus booking fee

Ticket link:

(Limited availability)

We’re very proud to start 2024 with a very special line-up of 2 JazzFunk and Fusion Maestros who started the Dancefloor Jazz journey for many of us in London: DJs Colin Parnell (Jazzifunk Club) and Paul Murphy (Jaffas) who both went on to feature at the famous Electric Ballroom sessions, hosted by the late great George Power, making it the most iconic Jazz session of all time. Colin and Paul will, of course, be hosted by our own Perry Louis.


Colin Parnell was a young pioneer of the London Jazz dance scene in the late 70s early 80s. Following education and apprenticeships at London’s Crackers, Studio 21, Royalty, Gossips, Spats, Whisky a Go Go and Planets, the original Jazz room was launched at the fabled Horseshoe venue in London’s Tottenham Court Road with his then music partner Boo Mehmet. Following the closure of the Horseshoe as a club venue, the now famous Jazz Room was moved to the Electric Ballroom in London’s Camden Town in April 1982, where Paul Murphy and a young Gilles Peterson followed later.


There is and never will be anyone like Jazz Room originator Paul Murphy. It’s almost pointless giving an explanation about Paul. There was no one on the Jazz Dance scene like him and hasn’t been since. His musical influence blanketed the whole of the UK, as did the dance style that came from his clubs’. Paul’s influence on Jazz collectors, diggers, Dancers and DJs is immeasurable.


Paul took his lead in the mid to late ‘70s from DJs Colin Curtis, Mark Roman (Crackers) and Benny Wilson (Chaguaramas) but then progressed and developed his own, then unique Jazz Room sound. Paul swept through the West End with legendary sessions at Jaffas, Electric Ballroom, Sol Y Sombra, Wag, the Jazz Room in Brighton and beyond. He was also responsible for bringing over US acts including Jay Hoggard, The Heath Brothers, Alphonse Mouzon and Tania Maria. His ‘Fusions’ record shop in Exmouth Market became an essential go-to shop for his sound and he was instrumental and influential in developing the careers of UK Jazz acts. More recently, Paul has compiled a collection of his Jazz Room favourites for BGP followed by setting up his own ‘Jazz Room’ reissue label with the release of a Jazz Latin and Fusion collectors’ pieces.


We’re very excited to have these two legendary DJs feature together at Shiftless Shuffle, and this will be an extra special session indeed, so don’t miss it! Tickets are available via


Shiftless Shuffle is a full-on underground UK Dancefloor Jazz club session.  Featuring Latin, Jazz Funk, Dance Floor Jazz, Brazilian, Afro Funk and Deep Boogie with like-minded people, the session is known for its heavy music and welcoming vibe.

Documented by justjaq photography with support by Dave Rowland.

Perry Louis & The JazzCotech crew


Shiftless Shuffle 

© 2014 Media By Irven Lewis


This is a full-on Dancefloor Jazz party with great music and great people: Dancers, Collectors and Party Persons alike! ​

Government Warning: This will be a session filled with explosive music and dancing!


For further info, interviews, photos and more please contact: JazzCotech on 07957 560 557 or email

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