Shiftless Shuffle 

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The UK's Only Dance Floor Jazz Class & Club Session

Always on The Third Sunday of the Month

Hosted by Dj, Dancer & Promoter Perry Louis (The Boss) & JazzCotech Crew with

Special guest Djs from the Dance Floor Jazz Scene
Stay locked for further details:
2.00pm- 8.00pm.
Dance Class 2.00 -3.00pm. 
CLUB SESSION 3:00 -8.00PM:
                                                                                         @ Trapeze (Basement club). 89 Great Eastern St. London EC2A 3HX

Shiftless Shuffle is a monthly Dancefloor Jazz class and club session which is open to all: young, old and indifferent. At any one Shiftless Shuffle session, our DJs spin the very best in new and older Jazz Funk, Latin, Brazilian, Afro and Caribbean Fusion and of course Dancefloor Jazz.  Shiftless Shuffle focuses on creating a high energy, exciting  atmosphere and safe haven for clubbers, collectors, drinkers, train spotters and party people who are looking for a unique experience in clubbing and celebrating the original sound of young London.


Shiftless Shuffle is the only club in the UK that hosts a Dance class in the original Funk to Fusion style, which originated in UK clubs in the 1970s and 1980s, danced and developed by original Dancers, Clubbers and Tutors from that era. The Dance style created the unique and original sound of the London underground club scene, where all modern forms of street Dance, as well as music trends originate from - as featured on Rodney P’s Jazz Funk programme which aired on BBC 4 in July 2020.


Shiftless Shuffle is hosted by DJ, Dancer & Promoter Perry Louis (the Boss) and features world leading DJs who grew out of the UK Dancefloor Jazz scene including  DJs who witnessed the beginning of the Dancefloor Jazz revolution.


Shiftless Shuffle will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021 and will be planning a year of celebrations to mark this joyous occasion, so watch this space!


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This is a full-on Dancefloor Jazz party with great music and great people: Dancers, Collectors and Party Persons alike! ​

Government Warning: This will be a session filled with explosive music and dancing!


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