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Brand new JazzCotech show on Crackers Radio, Feel good music for the Soul...

New to Wednesdays between 19:00 and 22:00 UK time, you’ll find Perry Louis hosting his brand new JazzCotech Radio show on Crackers Radio, the iconic brand/club which first sent him on the underground music trail. Music will be Jazzy but spiced with deep Boogie, Brit Funk, Afro Beat, Dancefloor Jazz, Latin and Soul thrown in, old or new.

You can download the Crackers App from Google Play or the Apple store free or from the Crackers website

The JazzCotech show is all about the Dancefloor music that clubbers, dancers and collectors enjoy who like something a bit challenging and upfront. It’s built on the same spirit of Crackers Club back in the day with a lot of new editions added in , a celebration of what is current and best about the underground Dancefloor club scene, which has always been popular in the UK and where Perry himself learned his craft, first as a clubber on the floor, then as a collector, dancer, DJ, promoter and Radio show presenter.

Be prepared - Perry does not know how to hold back and will, as they say, take you on a journey JazzCotech stylee as only he can.

Poster designed by Sue Ayres. Photo of Perry Louis by Derek D’Souza 2017.

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